Getting Involved

Serving Opportunities 

Tech Team
Each Sunday, our tech team handles everything that is seen on the screen, including song lyrics and motion backgrounds, videos, and sermon slides. It also includes stage lighting. This is a super important ministry that helps bring impact and clarity to TPC’s message of hope. The media presentation and the lighting scenes run through easy to learn computer programs. Your first week would involve “shadowing” a current team member in order to see first hand how it’s done. The next week, you would run it with supervision, and from there, you’d be placed in a rotation with other team members.
Sound Team 
The sound team handles all of the live sound for a service. This would include creating the sound mix and running the soundboard during the Sunday service. 
TPC Nursery/Toddlers
We want to create a safe, clean, and fun environment for TPC babies and toddlers. With love, care, and excellence, it is our goal to instill a feeling of comfort within each parent who entrusts their little ones into our care. This allows them to relax and be ready to receive everything that God has for them during their experience in the service. We need cheerful, patient people with a genuine love for babies who are willing to serve. It’s important to us that we have enough team members in this area so that no one has to miss back to back weeks in the service. We also background check each worker. 
TPC Kids (ages 5-11)
It’s impossible to quantify the importance of investing into the kids who are our future. We want to instill in each child, a sense of identity, purpose, and a foundation that only comes from the gospel of Christ. We believe that kids at this age can and should know what it means to be devoted to their faith in God. We are looking for team members to invest and influence this next generation of leaders. TPC kids have an exciting and fun service that takes place in their own theater, with worship, videos, lessons, and games. We will do a background check on each worker. 
Host Team 
Research shows that the first few minutes of a guest’s experience at a new church will determine their likeliness to return. Before the music starts, or the Pastor speaks, people want to know if we are friendly, genuine, and glad they are visiting.  We need some happy, energetic, and outgoing people to be the first point of contact for TPC! 
Cleaning Team 
Our cleaning team works hard to ensure that our church is a hospitable and clean place for people to worship. The responsibilities of the Cleaning Ministry is to come to church once a week and pick up after service and keep our church well maintained so visitors have a pleasant experience. 
Worship Team 
The Worship teams main purpose is to lead the church in life-giving praise and worship. We are always looking for musicians who want to glorify the Lord with their skills. The Worship team meets once during the week to rehearse and again Sunday morning. We are not just looking for volunteers, but for people called by God to serve in this area. An attitude of humble servant-hood, working for God not for the church and seeing it as a privilege and a responsibility is what we’re looking for.
Service Open Team 
Our Service Open team is responsible for coming in Sunday mornings to help ensure the church is ready to receive people for service. They will be making sure the church is clean, lights are on, ac/heat is turned on, as well as parking lot and area walk throughs. As a member of this team you will need to arrive at no later than 9 AM.  
Cafe Team 
Our Cafe volunteers work hard in creating a warm environment for people to feel welcomed. They make coffee and set up other good for people to be able to enjoy their Sunday morning experience. There are opportunities to serve by helping set- up and clean or by bringing a food item.

Maintenance Team 
Our church building is a tool that we use to reach others. The Maintenance ministry is for skilled men and women who can help maintain the TPC facilities using their experience, expertise and knowledge. The ministry provides  electrical, landscaping, carpentry, painting, and other services. There are always opportunities to help us maintain or improve a welcoming atmosphere at our Church.

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