Turning Point Church exists to establish a culture of grace, hope

and restoration, in the Triad and throughout the world!

1) a MINDSET of reconciliation.
We have to change the way that we see people. NO ONE is “too far gone” because there is nothing that God can’t or won’t forgive. We must see every person as we once were… a restoration story waiting to happen. 
2) a MESSAGE of reconciliation.
God is trusting us to deliver a clear and concise message. God’s power is supreme, His creation is astonishing, His presence is astounding, His ways are resolute, His word is absolute, His wrath is fierce, His justice is swift, His judgment is final… Yet it’s God’s kindness that leads men to repentance.
3) a MINISTRY of reconciliation.
It’s important to have the right mindset and the right message… but we also have to DO something about it! TPC will be a church that loves the unlovable, reaches out to the undesirable, embraces the broken, stands with the hurting, welcomes the sinner, and serves them all.